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Bookends Festival Benderloch is back!

September 22nd at 3pm - through til the 29th 2018.

We had the best time in the first festival in 2016 - and it extended a week! It was even Better in 2017!!

All the latest info on YEAR 3 is on Facebook at

Bookends Festival Benderloch.

Come join us,next time and listen to amazing authors talk about their passions and their craft, take part in taster sessions which rely on our use of the spoken word, join us in up-cycling a reading chair and bring your family and friends to our Bookends Quiz. We THINK we’ve got something for everyone but if we haven’t then let us know and we’ll try to include your ideas at the next Bookends Festival. 

Authors in attendance at the first TWO festivals were:

Judy Fairbairns, Norrie Bissell, Russell Campbell, Adam Ardrey, Graham Pagan, Kath Anderson, Lindsay Campbell, and Kenneth Steven....

Additional events included  :

Mairi Stones, The healing power of words  

Ruth Moody, Yogic Chanting

and Craig Munro with the Bookends Festival quiz!

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