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Welcome to Making It Happen.

Campbell and Joy Cameron. Making It Happen.

We are a sales, marketing and promotional business based in Benderloch near Oban.

Next Event -  The Bookends Festival Benderloch September 24th until October 1st at the Victory Hall, Benderloch.

The latest news is at FaceBook - Bookends Festival Benderloch. Make us your friend!

At MIH specialise in

  • Project and Event management and planning.
  • Building effective Business and Individuals networks.
  • Retail consultancy experience to diversify your income strands in partnership with The Amway Corporation.
  • Teaching and training - workshops and facilitator services.
  • Music promotion and Tour management.
  • Media promotion web radio and in the press
  • Personal and team coaching and positive thinking.
  • and Crofting at Achnamoine too!

What can we bring to your business in the way of experience and assistance? How can we help?

In the first instance - give us a call and we can have a chat - maybe a coffee to follow up then and lets see what we can do for you!

Contact Campbell  or Joy on:

 01631 720 247/ or 07786243484


Advice and action on how to keep smiling through hard times!
Call us now for a chat on 01631 720247/ email

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